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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a group medical practice?

A group medical practice is a group of physicians working together in the same office or group of offices.

How long has the idea or concept of a group medical practice been around?

The first group medical practice was formed in 1870 by the Homestead Mining Companies of South Dakota.

I just received my degree. Why should I join a group practice and not have a solo practice?

Simply put - the cost. The financial cost of becoming a licensed physician and establishing a solo practice is tremendous. Also, group practices, such as Affinity Health Group, offer benefits.

I'm a specialist. How do I fit into a group practice?

All physicians in a medical group work together and may specialize in different areas. This offers our patients more options and the ability to receive better care.

What is the patient's perception of a group practice?

Surveys show that patients have favorable opinions of group practice in all areas of health care, including continuity of care and efficient service.

I have a solo practice and would like to join the group, what do I do?

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